Yankee explains the meaning of Jonathan Franzen’s name

I don’t think Jonathan’s going to like it…but what can Yankee do? It’s not meant to hurt Mr. Franzen, who I’m sure is a gentleman and a scholar. It’s just a shame his parents didn’t think about it before they named him.

Watch the video to find out what Jonathan Franzen means in Yiddish and Hebrew.

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Yankee has invented a new sport for frum Jews.

Inspired by the new heavyweight look of many Orthodox men and their ability to push each other while making a lot of idle threats, Yankee hopes that Frumo will catch on.

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Kugel for the Pope

Yankee wants the catering contract for the Vatican.

Following his last post in response to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck’s attempts to “take back the civil rights movement” Yankee explains his reasons for wanting to make kugel for the Pope.

Using his extensive knowledge of the New Testament Yankee sheds light on why the Christian churches do not keep kosher. Find out all about it in the video below.

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